Abusers and Addicts

Do you view pornography? Masturbate? Lie? Cheat? Manipulate? Seek sex outside of marriage? Seek sex with prostitutes? Fantasize about others? Objectify women? Yell? Defend yourself when you are wrong? Stonewall? Gas light? If so, keep reading.

Coach Harrison has been trained by a BCC accredited course and has been working with abusive men and men with sexual addictions for over a decade. Having worked with clergy, therapists, and multiple 12 step programs he has a comprehensive understanding of what does and doesn’t work when working with addicted and abusive men. As Coach Harrison has been through this process himself, he is uniquely positioned to help you or your loved one change.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process where the coachee sets goals and the coach facilitates the changed needed to reach those goals. A great coach empowers, challenges, guides, asks questions and listens. This is not therapy.

Why coaching?

Many therapists and clergy enable abusive and addicted men. They provide justification for men to continue in their selfish thinking and behaviors. When a man acts out with pornography, as an example, and damages the relationship a therapist will call the relationship “disordered”. The reality is that the relationship is not disordered, the man’s thinking is. A properly trained coach can facilitate the thinking changes that a man needs to go through in order to stop hurting his loved ones. If you have worked with therapists, 12 step groups, or clergy and still haven’t found the peace you are seeking set up your free appointment today.

What is the cost?

The cost varies depending on how many sessions are purchased. Send us an email to get the pricing breakdown.

What is the process?

First there is a free intake session. By taking advantage of the free intake session there is no requirement to continue on with coaching. There is no long-term contract, any party can decide that the coaching experience is not the right fit and cancel future services at any time. The meetings are done via Zoom. The coachee must be able to participate with his camera on. We can coach anyone in the world that speaks English fluently.

Is the right for me?

Have you or do you look at pornography? Do you act out sexually with yourself or others? Do you fantasize about others? Do you gas light, turn tables, yell, lie, or manipulate? Do you hide purchases for your significant other? Do you ignore or neglect your significant other or children? Have you been told by your loved one that you are a different person in public than you are at home? Do you physically abuse others? Do you intimidate your partner or children? Do you ever “lose control”? Do you want to change? If you have said yes to any of these set up your first free session today.

You can become the man your partner and children deserve.

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