Is pornography use abuse?

Pornography use cannot be consumed without dehumanizing others. Does the abuse end with those that we dehumanize or does it expand into our personal relationships?

There are two questions within this question that we must address:

  • Are we abusing those in the pornography industry, and women in general, by engaging in pornography?
  • Are we abusing our spouse and kids by engaging in pornography?

Are we abusing those in the pornography industry, and women in general, by engaging in pornography?


According to Fight the New Drug 63% of underaged victims of sex trafficking have been sold or advertised online.

If you watch pornography, even if you are not paying for it, you are adding to the demand of an industry that steals girls and women off the streets and forces them to perform sexual acts against their will.

If you watch pornography you support sex trafficking, that is abuse.

But what if everything you watch is consensual?

First, there is no way to tell. These women and girls are taken and broken down until they believe they have no other option than to do what they are told. There is simply no way for you to know if the people are consensual or to know how old they are.

Second, even if you could know, you are dehumanizing the person on camera. You are reducing them to an object whose sole purpose is to gratify your sexually perverse behaviors. That is abuse.

Every time you watch pornography, in any form, you are raising your hand and saying, “I support the dehumanization of others, I support stealing girls off the street, I support women being raped, I support sexual violence and sexual abuse.”

You probably feel like you don’t support those things, but for all of us that have ever viewed or currently view pornography we have or do raise our hands in support.

We support the ongoing demand for men to steal and rape women when we engage in pornography. This causes fear and is a form of abuse against all women everywhere.

There is hope. You can end your support today. You can fight against it. You can protect your families and the daughters, wives, sisters, friends, and neighbors all over the world who are being abused by the pornography and sex trafficking industries.

Are we abusing our spouse and children by engaging in pornography?


There are at least three different facets by which we abuse our loved ones through pornography use.

First, coupled with pornography use are deception, lies, financial abuse, breaking marriage vows, infidelity, and many other heinous forms of abuse.

You cannot view pornography without abusing others.

Second, when you choose to view pornography, you choose to dehumanize others. This is not something you can turn off and on. You either see others as people, or you see them “less than”. Seeing your spouse and children as “less than” is abuse. You probably don’t think you do this, but you do.

Third, the moment you choose pornography over your spouse and children you have misused them. You have sought comfort, sex, peace, fulfilment, joy (whatever it is you should be finding in your relationships with your loved ones), and you have tossed your family out the window and chosen pornography over them. That is abuse.

Pornography use is abuse.

If you are viewing pornography and sincerely want to stop, schedule a session, I can help.

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