The scars you can’t see are the hardest to heal.

Astrid Alauda

Are You Hurting Your Partner?

Our process for helping “sex addicted” and abusive men change is unique to many of the traditional options. If you are visiting us today it is likely you or your loved one has already tried working with clergy, therapists, or a 12 step program.

We have found that these options fail to bring lasting results because they focus on how men feel instead of how they think.

Any man who wants to stop acting out sexually, viewing pornography, having affairs, demeaning others, lying, manipulating, intimidating partner and children, and abusing others in any way, can change how they think and behave, if they want to. We can show you how.

Feeling do not govern abusive or controlling behaviors; beliefs, values, and habits are the driving force.

Lundy Bancroft

Sexual Indiscretion is Abuse

This includes pornography use, extra-marital affairs, masturbation, and and other form of sexual acting out. Read why here.

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